Thanks for visiting my blog. I began journaling about my daily life when I was eleven. Over the years, this has grown to become a way for me to share my thoughts rather than my daily life. I’m pretty open with sharing all the beautiful chaos of life with six children. I have to remind myself to extend grace to myself each and every day! It is my hope that my writings will help others to learn to extend grace to themselves too. After all, if it weren’t for the Grace of God, life would just be messy. I’m so glad that life can instead be a Beautiful Mess and is covered by His Beautiful Grace.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Out With the Old, In With the New

    Our journey through life leads us down many paths.  Some we choose, some are chosen for us.  One of the things that is most certain about our paths is that we will change with each turn we take.  The last few years have brought many changes for me, and especially for my family.  We've moved a few times, lived in two homes at once, added 4 kids in just 3 years, and so much more.  For so many years scrapbooking was my favorite hobby.  In 2011 I began to homeschool, and making homeschool lessons took over my free time.  In 2012 we began our foster care and adoption journey, which took up the rest of my time.  I had a blog for scrapbooking, and another for homeschooling.  I could barely keep up with one, muchless two.  I really enjoy writing, but most of what I write is in the hundreds of notebooks floating around my house.  It didn't fit the topic of either blog.  I began sharing some of those writings with ladies at church, and with friends, but I didn't have a place to share those.  I decided to create a place, and Beautiful Grace was born.  What was I to do with 3 blogs?

    This morning I sat at my desk to share a few new things in our homeschool room, and decided to figure out if merging the blogs was a possibility.  Guess what!  It is!  I deleted the sales posts on the scrapbook blog since I am no longer a CTMH consultant, and I merged the remaining posts with Beautiful Grace.  I merged all of the Homeschool Trail posts with Beautiful Grace.  

   My plan is to continue to share crafts, homeschool things, and just life in general.  I want to be an encouragement to other women by sharing a little glimpse of the beautiful mess that is my life, and celebrate the Beautiful Grace that God has given to me.  God loves me, even in my mess.  God loves me, even in my chaos.  God loves me each and every day!  He has shown me again and again that He has my life in His hands.  This year I have chosen to have a different outlook on life.  Instead of letting myself get discouraged and depressed about the things that seem to constantly get in my way, I'm chosing to have hope that God is going to work it all out for His glory.  I know that He has big plans for my family, and I look forward to following Him better in 2018.  I look forward to seeing just where this journey takes us this year!  

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