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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goodnight Moon resources and ideas

Moving forward in compiling some ideas before I start the detailed lesson planning.  For more about my planning process, read this post.  For more Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row resources and ideas, you can read individual posts that I've labeled as Five in a Row.

Be sure to print out the Goodnight Moon Fold n Learn from Five in a Row.  These are available for FREE by signing up for the FIAR newsletter.  The link is on the right hand side and once you type in your email address and submit, you will get a welcome letter with a link and password for the Fold N Learns.  These are simple lapbooks that reinforce the concepts taught in the story and guides.

Also, this story is a Before Five in a Row story so the book guide is well below the level that my 3rd grader will need.  I will be using notebook pages from the Notebook Builder to assign more grade specific work for him.  I am also looking at possibly using the Exploring Nearby Space Project Pack from Hands of a Child with both the 1st and 3rd graders.  I will wait to decide this based on the amount of resources that I am able to pull together.  If I add this project pack, this unit will likely become a two-week unit, which is exactly why I choose only 20 books for the year.  It gives us time to explore topics a little more in-depth.  We will be reading Owl Moon later in the school year as well so I am not yet sure the direction that study will take us.  I'd like to use this unit as an introductory unit to the solar system for the older two and Owl Moon as a more in-depth look at the solar system.

I really like the simplicity of the activities that this blogger used for this book.  

A classroom teacher shares her art projects and additional reading material on this blog.

I like this activity found on Teachers Pay Teachers.  For my preschooler, I would print two sets of the picture/word cards and cut one set out for him to match with the other set.  For my first grader, I would use the mat with only the words along with the picture/word cards for him to match.  For my 3rd grader, I would use only the pictures and have him write the word.  The vocabulary and spelling part of this will be a bit below his level but he does need the cursive handwriting practice.

This is a preschool level project pack that correlates with this story nicely.  If I choose to do the additional project pack with the older two, this would be a good one to do with my preschooler and possibly my 2 year old to keep them engaged for a few extra days.

I LOVE the ideas found on this blog, especially the Tot Trays.  Her science lesson would be great for each of my kids.

A few great ideas for using a light box along with some activities for toddlers.  I probably would come up with a few things for the older boys as well since they've never done any work with the light box.  She also has a fun vocabulary lesson for toddlers.  Don't forget the fun sensory activities. 

A GREAT list of Montessori inspired activities that go along with this story.   I am personally in love with this blog.  I foresee many more days spent lost on this page.

And some Montessori moon activities for the older kids.  Wow!  What I thought was going to be a short simple BfFIAR unit will end up being a really good study for all of the kids and will be able to stretch to at least 2, if not 3 weeks.  We visited Kennedy Space Center in August 2013 and I bought quite a few solar system posters and books.  We will get some great use out of those during this unit!!!

This is a really good printable pack that has some activities that would work with each of the boys.  I wouldn't print everything for each but instead would pick and choose the things that I feel each would use and add those to their assignment folders for the week.  Of course those activities would later be punched and added to their FIAR notebooks.

I am so excited about all of the great resources that I found for this unit and can't wait to continue my lesson planning so that we will be ready for school this fall.  Be sure to check back for updates to this unit as I do plan farther and also to see how the unit goes for us.

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