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Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Little Pumpkins resources and ideas

This is a unit from In the Hands of a Child.  This company has the best lapbooks of any other lapbook company that I have found.  They're laid out with daily lesson plans and everything that you need to complete the lapbook.  There's even a list of additional books that go along with the unit.  If you want a unit on just about any topic, you can probably find it on their website.  There are 1 week units and many 2 week units too.  The units are labeled with the grades that they are meant to cover but they are also easily adaptable for children younger or older than the specified age range.

Five Little Pumpkins is a unit labeled Pre-K to 1st Grade.  Of course, Elijah will be participating with us so I will be adding some additional work for him to complete in his Notebook (Officially his FIAR binder but we will refer to it as a Notebook this year as he is learning to research and take notes on what he is learning).  He will be completing some of the Notebook pages from the FIAR Notebook Builder (by far the best $24 I've spent on homeschool materials in the past 3 years, these pages can be used with ANY curriculum and are great for taking a unit that would be more for your younger children and adapting it for use with the older child).

Five Little Pumpkins This unit covers the following concepts: the color orange, numbers 1-5, circles, square, the letter "P", sequencing, and graphing. Tracer font or cut and paste answers are provided for this unit.

You can see that these skills are even a bit below that of a 1st grader but this unit will serve as a great review and confidence builder for Levi.

The lessons each day are fairly short so this unit will fit nicely for the last week of the month of October when we are doing other fun fall activities as part of our everyday life.  I've only scheduled 2 units for October due to the arrival of the new baby, which turns out even better since Goodnight Moon turned into a 2 week unit.

Some easy/fun fall activities:

Carving a pumpkin- count seeds after cleaning and then roast them for a tasty snack.
Find the Tree that Matches the Leaf
Pumpkin scented play doh
Pumpkin scissor skills 
Nature Collage
Bake a pumpkin pie
Bake pumpkin bread or muffins
Pumpkin measuring
Some really cute and fun pumpkin activities
Counting/Number match cards
Pumpkin Contractions 
Pumpkin seed multiplication
Pumpkin pie fractions
I love this fun fall Bucket List.

More in-depth educational activities:
First Grade pumpkin themed Literacy pack 
Preschool pumpkin themed activities
Montessori inspired Pumpkin activities.

Specific to this poem:
List all of the verbs

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