Thanks for visiting my blog. I began journaling about my daily life when I was eleven. Over the years, this has grown to become a way for me to share my thoughts rather than my daily life. I’m pretty open with sharing all the beautiful chaos of life with six children. I have to remind myself to extend grace to myself each and every day! It is my hope that my writings will help others to learn to extend grace to themselves too. After all, if it weren’t for the Grace of God, life would just be messy. I’m so glad that life can instead be a Beautiful Mess and is covered by His Beautiful Grace.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 2: The Bathroom

The instructions for today were to clean your bathroom.  As you can see from my before pictures, the bathroom needed a bit of attention. 

The tub is over 100 years old and is stained pretty badly.  I read some of the ideas and comments on this post from the Money Saving Mom about cleaning the stains.  I decided to try a combination of Bar Keepers Friend and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  When you see the after pictures you will see what a difference it made and that I also need to repeat this several times.  The Magic Eraser completely disintegrated though and I didn't have another.  I'm a tad embarrassed to be posting these pictures but it is my house and I am working to get it cleaned. 

I am following along with Mindful Homeschooler and Money Saving Mom as we strive to get our homes clean this month and hopefully set a routine and schedule to maintain our homes once the month is over.

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  1. Hi Audrey! Thanks for being real & sharing some of your life with us. I know I'm always a bit hesitant to show the not so pretty aspect of my life...but it's so good to just go ahead & not sweat the small stuff! Joining the 30 Day Challenge as well over at www.creativelyredeemingher.blogspot.com Hope you'll follow along! -Rachel