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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Always behind....

There are a few things that I have come to accept being a Stay At Home Homeschool Mom.  The first is that my house will never be completely clean all at the same time again.  The second is that I will forever be behind on something.  My friend Melissa of Mindful Homeschooler is following along another blogger as she strives to clean and organize her home this month.  I am following along behind Melissa.  One day 1, April 1st, Melissa posted to clean the kitchen completely.  We all know that when we clean the kitchen, there are many things that are overlooked.  We get used to those things being there and we just clean around them.  I spent about 2 hours working on my kitchen on Tuesday night and finally had it cleaned.  It now needs a bit of TLC so that it doesn't get back to the state that it was in.

On that same day, Melissa posted to clean your living room the same way.  Thankfully, my living room wasn't as cluttered as my kitchen and it only took about 30 minutes.  I had to wait until the weekend to work on it though as we have school during the day in the week and at night my husband enjoys relaxing in front of the tv.  I didn't want to disturb him so I've waited until today to work on it.  It didn't start out so bad but before I thought to take pictures, I had already fixed the pillows on the furniture and swept the mess into a pile for the boys to pick up.  You'll notice most of the clutter/disorganization is on the shelves behind the chaise.  Until this past week, we've had a recliner in that spot so the shelves were used as a coffee table.  Not sure exactly why things get tossed on the top shelves but you'll see lots of junk there as well.  Take a look....

  It only took the boys a few minutes to pick the pile up, and then I vacuumed the floor and set to work on the shelves.  I straightened up the books (I have a "Book Organization" project planned for the summer), returned a few things to their rightful home and then straightened the shelves.  I spent all of about 30 minutes from start to finish on this so I'm not sure why I haven't just straightened it up as I've cleaned it.   Those shirts on the top middle shelf (they were the wrong size) they have been there since Christmas,  I actually dusted at the shelves a week ago and just dusted around them.  I know, that's pretty bad and lazy, right?  Well, it's all cleaned now and looks nice.  I do need some help with figuring out how to decorate on those shelves and also need to get my hubby to finish my cabinet doors.  I'm so glad that it is organized now though! 

To follow along with Melissa as she cleans and organizes, please visit the Mindful Homeschooler page. 

To follow along with Money Saving Mom, the one that started it all, visit her page.  There's TONS of great info on her page.  I can't believe I am just now finding her. 

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