Thanks for visiting my blog. I began journaling about my daily life when I was eleven. Over the years, this has grown to become a way for me to share my thoughts rather than my daily life. I’m pretty open with sharing all the beautiful chaos of life with six children. I have to remind myself to extend grace to myself each and every day! It is my hope that my writings will help others to learn to extend grace to themselves too. After all, if it weren’t for the Grace of God, life would just be messy. I’m so glad that life can instead be a Beautiful Mess and is covered by His Beautiful Grace.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project Paper: Day 4

  Whew!  Today was a busy day!  The final Scrapbook Day Camp for Girls was today, the Customer Appreciation Sale began today, I had to put together a slide show for church tonight and create a layout for the blog.  Not to mention a load of dishes and laundry here and there, bathing the boys and getting them to bed.  Needless to say, I am ready to have a day of shopping tomorrow!!!!

   The layout that I created for today's entry was a challenging one for me.  Not because of design but because of the content.  I used the same photos as I did for Elijah's 1st Trip to the Zoo layout but this time the layout was for David's book, to show how we celebrated his 2nd birthday.  Even 6 years later, the pain and hurt is still there.  He was my first little boy, my first baby.  He's the only one of my boys that actually looks like his Daddy.  I choose not to make the layout too birthdayish because at that time, we weren't celebrating.  We were simply getting away from the world so that we could be together to remember what it was like to hold that warm little baby for the first time, while he was still all wet and slimy.  We were remembering how at one point in time we thought life couldn't get any better.  God blessed us with 3 days with our little David and then gave us two more blessings to help ease the pain in our hearts.  I know that David had a purpose but 6 years later, I still don't know what that purpose was.  I probably never will know but God knows and that's all that matters.  I know this layout is nothing in comparison to others that I have done in the past but this layout is about so much more.  This layout is about remembering the past and wondering what the future might have held if things had been different. 

The left side of this layout was scraplifted from a layout featured in a magazine from 2004.  The right side is a Reflections pattern.  The stickers are from the Animal Cookies MyStickease Assortment.  I used the Solos 2, Celebration and Friendship Alphabet stamp sets. 

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