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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Challenge #2

How did you all do with last week's challenge? I loved it. I gave me a much needed deadline to get a few layouts done. Well, this week's challenge is designed to show off a great product that CTMH sells, our photo storage pages. Whoa, hold on... If you don't have them, that's fine. I will provide instructions for this technique without the photo pages too. Okay, now for the challenge.

I want you to find pictures of your children with either your grand parents or your parents at their homes. Don't crop the pictures down so that in the future you will be able to see all of the things that you loved about your grand parents or parents homes. So, now you have a few 4x6 photos, right? If not, keep in mind that they don't have to have all been from the same time. They can show your kids at different ages, which will also show your parents/grand parents at different ages too.

Now that you have your photos, we are going to put them into the photo storage pages, leaving a few spaces empty for title/journaling/etc. If you don't have psp then use a 12x12 cardstock, mentally divide the cs into 4x6 sections and then place a few photos, leaving a few spots blank. Use one spot for a title, one for journaling and if you have other spots, just add embellishments.

This is a very easy way to get many pictures scrapbooked at one time and in my opinion the best way to scrapbook 4x6 photos.

Okay, so what if I don't have pictures of my parents/grand parents with my children? If they are still alive and close by, then it is high time you head over there and get some pictures. I am living proof that you can't just assume that parents and children will always be here with us so get those pictures!!! If you don't have children or you don't have pictures of them with your parents/ grand parents, just use pictures of your parents and write about the great things you remember about them. Or even pictures of your kids, pictures of your parents and then write about the things you wish your children had gotten to know about their grand parents or great grandparents. Go have fun scrapin and remembering!!!! Remember to post links to photos of your completed layouts.

In my example I used a regular sheet of cardstock for my lefthand side so that it will easily fit into my album. On the right I used a photo storage page. Do you see how easy this layout was to make and yet I have told my son a bit about his great grand parents, my own dad, my cousin and her little boy. I was able to fit tons of photos onto the layout too. This works great for any event that you have lots of photos for. My favorite thing to use these for is vacation photos because you always take tons and this makes scrapbooking them so fast and easy.

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