Thanks for visiting my blog. I began journaling about my daily life when I was eleven. Over the years, this has grown to become a way for me to share my thoughts rather than my daily life. I’m pretty open with sharing all the beautiful chaos of life with six children. I have to remind myself to extend grace to myself each and every day! It is my hope that my writings will help others to learn to extend grace to themselves too. After all, if it weren’t for the Grace of God, life would just be messy. I’m so glad that life can instead be a Beautiful Mess and is covered by His Beautiful Grace.

Friday, June 13, 2014

That moment.....

We all have that moment when we hear that weird noise coming from the bathroom, accompanied by running water.  Normally that moment would evoke a feeling of panic in a mom.  She rushes into the bathroom, turns off the water and puts a stop to the fun.  But then there's that other moment.  The moment when we just don't care anymore.  We let the kids keep making the mess because they're occupied for the moment and we have that much needed moment of peace and quiet.

That's where I am this afternoon.  I'm sitting at my desk in tears for no reason other than hormones, I got woken up early from my nap this afternoon, I had to cancel my planned shopping trip for tomorrow and honestly, I just wanted a few minutes of quiet.  The two year old was eating Oreos happily in the living room, right in my line of vision and the 3 year old was making coffee in the bathroom.  They were completely oblivious to my moment of self-pity and they were having a blast.

I let them continue.  Does it make me a bad mom?  A good mom?  Who really is the judge of that anyways?  I'll tell you what it does make me.  It makes me a mom that got to have her moment all to herself while the kids were happily doing what they wanted.  It didn't hurt anything that the 2 year old ate too many Oreos and the 3 year old made a mess on the bathroom floor.  Those things will soon be forgotten but the peace that I gained in those few minutes (and the few while I'm writing this, as they are standing at the door watching Daddy get out of the truck) will do much to carry me through this weekend in which I had to give up something I was excited about.

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