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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Lost Treasure

   I have been cleaning out and arranging what will eventually be our family "Study" this week.  My husband's assistant works from our home and had a corner set up for her but the rest of the room was a total wreck.  This room started out last January as my scrapbook room and office, over the summer it transformed into the homeschool room and office and then in December, it officially became the office.  Well, it was a mess and while Gabe has been gone, we've been busy working.  On Tuesday I put together the desk that we had ordered months ago for Ms. Karen and I've been busy cleaning up and out ever since.  Well, today I cleaned out a box and found some really neat summer ideas for preschool/kindergarten aged children.  I have no idea where this came from or even who wrote it so I apologize in advance for not issuing credit where credit is due.  There may even be several pages missing.

                                                 Pre-K/Kindergarten Summer Activities

Midline Activities
1.  Practice tying shoes.
2.  Crossing arms above the head and below the waist.
3.  Zipping and buttoning.
4.  Building with blocks and balancing with 2 hands. 
5.  Crawling.
6.  Tearing/cutting paper.
7.  Holding a bowl with one hand and stirring with the other hand.

Oral Motor Activities
1.  Blowing bubbles/pinwheels/harmonicas/kazoos.
2.  Using a straw to drink with or blow things.
3.  Peanut butter on lips and use tongue lick it off.

Listening Games
1.  Simon Says.
2.  Freeze game- play music, turn it off, freeze in spot and repeat.
3.  Listening outside- sitting outside and naming all the different things you hear.

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Activities
1.  Rhyming games with their name or making up words that rhyme.
2.  Nursery rhymes and books with rhyming text.
3.  Silly Mistakes- Examples: "Jack and Jill went up the pickle", "The first little pig built a straw of house."
4.  Letter hunt- find letters everywhere.
5.  Alphabet hopscotch- naming letters as they jump on them.
6.  I Spy: Letters, numbers, colors, patterns or even sounds.
7.  Tongue Twisters: Examples below or create your own.
      *Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
      *My mommy makes marvelous, munchy meatballs.
      *She sells seashells down by the seashore.
      *Justin's jeep just jumped, joggled and jiggled
8.  Beginning and ending sound games- I am thinking of a word that begins with "b" sound or ends with a certain sound.  (Be careful not to put the "u" sound after the letter sounds.)
9.  Clapping/tapping syllables in words.

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