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Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's about time....

   Despite the 107 degree temperatures, Fall is in the air.  The cool breezes at night are a reminder that cooler temperatures are in store; the preseason football games are a reminder that the regular season is just around the corner; schools are back in session.  As the obvious signs of fall move in, I've had kinda a rough week.  I've spent all summer reading and looking for the best deals on new and used Montessori materials for our classroom.  All of my nieces and nephews went to school this past week and the last of our friends children will start on Monday.  My teacher friends all started about 2 weeks ago.  I was feeling a little schooly so I decided to scrapbook photos from Baby Boy's first year at the Montessori school he went to for 3 years.  This was a big mistake!
   I started working on the layout on Tuesday evening and it made me a little sad that he wouldn't be starting back to school this year for Kindergarten.  He had amazing teachers in Toddlers so I got a bit sad that Rooty wouldn't have that same oppertunity.  Wednesday the Hubby had to attend a funeral so it just added to the sadness.  On Thursday a dear friend had a new baby, I'd love a new baby but it just isn't in the cards for us right now.  Needless to say, I spent most of this week depressed.  I snapped out of it on Thursday afternoon when I went to visit the sweet new baby and then went to choir practice at church. 
   I decided that I still had tons to do before we start school on September 6th so I called up Friend C who is bringing her daughter to our homeschool.  We decided that her older boys go to school on Monday so they will begin coming on Monday.  The kids will begin some informal work while we finish cutting and laminating lessons, organizing the shelves and putting materials out.  I know it's gonna be crazy but the kids are ready and Montessori is all about following the child.  Well, after talking with Friend B, who will be bringing her toddler a few days a week, she decided that she will start Music class with the kids on Monday and will take care of our sensorial lessons this year.  This was a HUGE relief to me!!!  Friend C isn't familiar with a Montessori classroom but I look forward to teaching her and hopefully letting her take over an area or two as well. 
  I found a wonderful find at the Goodwill store last week.  It was a two drawer night stand for the boys room.  The boys pajamas go in it perfectly, tissue and combs go on top and we hung a mirror on the wall behind it.  It's a perfect place for them to be able to comb their hair and get dressed without assistance.  Their morning routine chart is much easier for them to follow now that they don't have to wait on me to get the Octopus Spray (Suave Detangler Spray) down from the cabinet above our bathroom sink.  I have a great idea for my kitchen as well, but I wasn't sure how we could pull it off without spending a fortune.  I told the hubby my idea and he informed me that he had a few premolded counter tops that were scraps from some apartments he just built and that one should be long enough to make the counter we need for the kids.  He is going to build a cabinet under them and we are going to put a mini-fridge, microwave and toaster at a level that the kids can help themselves.  We are on the lookout for some heavy children's tables to place in the kitchen, dining room and office for the children to work on.  The Little Tikes ones that we currently have are great if placed against a wall but the move way too much for the open floor.  They are a little small for two children to work on together as well. 
   I hope to get things pretty straight next week and post some photos of our Montessori Home.  It is really coming together nicely and my work has inspired my husband to start working to finish out the upstairs.  Once that is finished, we will have a complete library downstairs, a LARGE office/classroom and still have the kitchen, dining and formal dining to use a our Practical Life areas.

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