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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Story About Ping

I am continuing to follow Kendall's Planning Schedule from the Five in a Row Forums.  I am at step 9 which is filling my folders with ideas.  Well, I don't want to print out every great blog post I find with ideas and I don't want to lose those great posts on my FIAR Pinterest board.  I decided that I will make a blog post for each story and add links to it as I find things that I like.  Once I am ready to actually plan that unit, I can type up and print out the things that have too many photos (like the ones of blogger's kiddos enjoying the projects) and just print the ones that don't.

Social Studies:
China flag and map
China wordsearch
Video about China

Experiment:  Why ducks don't get wet.  
Sink and float
Ducks hatching video
Life cycle of ducks

Duck dot to dot
Counting Ducks

Health and Safety:
Video about water safety
Water safety printable
Video about stranger danger

Don't forget about the FREE Fold n Learn that goes along with this story.  To get those, you just need to sign up for the FIAR newsletters.

Note:  The link in the Fold n Learn is no longer available.  We found this link to be helpful in providing simple facts about ducks.  http://birding.about.com/od/birdprofiles/a/15-Fun-Facts-About-Ducks.htm

This post will be updated as I continue planning this unit.  My lesson plan will be available along with the printables and activity instructions for the things that we will be doing.

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