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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Month, New Mission!

   While at Convention, I learned that 8 of our current colors will be retiring.  I came home, pulled out all of the paper packs and cardstocks that I had of those colors and devised a plan.  The plan was to use them up, getting lots of scrapbooking done and of course making room for the new cardstock colors and new paper packs.  I set to work on one paper pack but then last week the corporate office made a shocking announcement that ALL of our current paper packs will be retiring, even the ones that are brand new in the summer book.  CTMH is making a giant step in the scrapbook industry and is moving away from collectible packaging (Ribbon Rounds, large packs of buttons, etc) and moving towards packaging embellishments into smaller assortments (Mini Medley Accents Collections) that are intended to be used up as you use up one paper pack. 
   With this HUGE announcement, I took my plan a step further and decided that I must clean out all of my papers and jump onboard with this concept of actually using my supplies as I purchase them and not purchasing them to collect.  I see many advantages to this.  For one, I won't forget what I purchased a paper pack for because I will be scrapbooking those photos right after I get the new paper pack in.  I also won't have paper packs sitting around, taking up space and collecting dust.  I'll be able to get lots of old photos scrapbooked through out this transformation and hopefully be able to stay caught up once the transformation is complete.  I can't say that this is going to work out perfectly for me but I can say that it will make a huge difference on my scrapbooking budget.  It will force me to really evaluate my purchases before I make them, purchasing as I need papers and supplies and purchasing only what I need at that time, what could be better than that?
   Over the next month or so, you will likely see much artwork being added to my blog.  I intend to blog daily, however, life does happen and there may be a few days in which I miss.  I am going to appologize in advance for any of those days.  LOL!  I hope you enjoy reading along as I make this giant transformation in my scrapbook room and my own scrapbooking strategy.  Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to make the same move.

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  1. I like your take on the announcement. I think CTMH's marketing is brilliant...and I like how you said they're transitioning to help us use things for projects, and not for collecting. That's totally my problem...I collect! But I also hate saying goodbye to paper packs that I love...so I may hoard some still :) But I really like your idea to use up what you have...I may try it (to an extent)! LOL!

    Thank you for the great idea you left for me on my blog to use my DOTS story as "MY Story" on my CTMH website. I never thought of that! I'm going to do it right now :)

    Have a great day!